Tanzania Reaches New Agreements With Miners, Boding Well For Regulatory Stability Ahead

Author: Fitch Solutions
Date: 2022-01-28
Link: https://www.fitchsolutions.com/mining/tanzania-reaches-new-agreements-miners-boding-well-regulatory-stability-ahead-28-01-2022?fSWebArticleValidation=true&mkt_tok=NzMyLUNLSC03NjcAAAGC6Z8vCvkVRLiXAIPdqnBZ7GA22x8WFto_6hhlkZq8XBLhwkYJ7cYqrHQJf2UgPOTDILyLkIpl

Tanzania’s mining regulations saw a major overhaul over 2017-2019, during which the government introduced a number of new laws and amendments. This led to a period of elevated uncertainty for investors in the country. Since 2020, the government has been working to renegotiate terms of existing mines and projects in the country and sign new agreements which are in line with the regulations passed in 2017. Read more...